Looking to Rent

Roberts Hunt Lettings are happy to assist with the search for your new rental home. We will provide you with information for every step of the way and just in case you have not rented a property before, or even need a quick reminder of the process. the notes below will help to explain some of the initial stages.


Appointments to View 

All property viewings must be arranged through our offices. Some of the properties available for rent might have a current tenant present and therefore we will advise the current tenants of upcoming appointments. We will also be able to guide you as to the most suitable properties that we have available. All negotiations are made through our offices in order that we can outline the various implications, to both you and the landlord and ensure that both parties find the ideal match.


Holding Deposit Fees

A non-refundable holding deposit of £250 is required and the property will continue to be offered for rental until this payment is received. We will then apply for references, book the Inventory, draw up the Tenancy Agreement and make all necessary arrangements with the Landlord. Provided all the verification checks and references are returned acceptable and the tenancy commences, the £250 holding deposit will be deducted from the total invoice on the date of occupancy.



Rent will be paid monthly, in advance, by Bankers Standing Order, the details of which will be provide at the point of contract. Please note that the rent payment date must be agreed before commencement of tenancy as no changes can be thereafter.



A deposit equivalent to one and a half month's rental is held during the tenancy against damages and dilapidation. We are a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and as such all deposits will be registered and a certificate provided for each tenancy giving full details of the deposits registration. The deposit will be returned to the tenants at the end of the tenancy subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement being met.


Tenancy Agreement

Each tenancy agreement will be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual property. For confirmation of these costs please look at the attached link.  



It is the tenants responsibility to pay the Electricity, Gas, Council Tax, Water and Telephone, and be responsible for notifying all of the utilities upon commencement and also at termination of the tenancy. 



It is your responsibility to ensure that any furniture and contents you take with you into rented premises are covered under your own policy.


Termination of Tenancy

On leaving the property it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is clean. This includes bathrooms, windows, carpets, curtains, paintwork, cupboards, (inside and out), cooker, oven, plus the gardens and garages, all in accordance with your signed check in document. You will not be allowed back into the property once the checkout has been officially carried out and the Landlord/Agent has the right to employ outside contractors to put matters right should there be complaints. The cost for this will be deducted from the Dilapidation Deposit.


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